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Our Catering Service

Years ago, God gave me a dream. I was out on a sinking ship, but we escaped on life rafts. As we reached the deserted island, people asked "how are we going to eat?" In response, me and another guy went back to the ship, got as much food as we could and brought it back to feed the people. Seeing the feast, the people celebrated with a grateful heart and thanked God.


When I woke up, it hit me! I sat up in the middle of the bed and knew God was calling me to feed the multitudes. This starts with catering for the folks in the Triangle area. But my hearts desire is to use the proceeds to expand further and provide for struggling and homeless families by building shelters and bringing them to the dinner table.


Provide elegant catering solutions at an affordable price. To ensure our friends can have wonderful events that extend beyond the event itself.


To generate enough revenue to expand upon a business model aimed at creating shelters for struggling and homeless families.


Fancysettings is a part of movement aimed to unite businesses to help serve the local community. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact me today.

Stoocked Buffet

"If you can dream it, we can bring it to life"

We don't just create delicious meals but art pieces that create intrigue. We ensure our work compliments the event by building upon the ambience.


Whatever you envision your event or your social gathering to be, we will make it happen for you. Each artistic creation is born from your vision and manifested from a new dream. I pray on every event before it happens; I want Fancysettings to extend God's Kingdom.


My name is Charles Adams

Charles has been catering for about 30 years. He takes pride in his work, always finding new ways to create culinary art pieces that delight all the senses.

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